You don’t want me. You want someone. You want something. But it’s not me. It’s not me at all.
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I’ve found that growing up means being honest. About what I want. What I need. What I feel. Who I am.
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When you get a taste of something sweeter, you never want to go back to your old ways.

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You only missed my voice when nobody else called you.
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Also, I got into hockey when I was up [in Canada] as well x

You’re a bastard, Harry…

Do you ever take a moment to just be glad about how well all the Potter kids (and DanRad especially) turned out? 

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I no longer want meaningless conversations or relationships in my life. I wanna know about you. Like what makes you tick or what makes you happy or what your pet peeves are. I wanna be intrigued. I’m sick of having my time wasted.

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